Applauding Power

Co-Founder of a Brooklyn based collective that aims to create a space to cultivate a community of women quarterly by providing unforgettable experiences

Photography: Julianny Casado & Camila Falquez

Applauding Power


Applauding Power is a space to connect over 100+ diverse Gen-Z and Millennial women and empower our communities with progressive and innovative events that are centered around wellness and celebrating the divine feminine. Our attendees work for a range of companies such as Tidal, Dell, Vogue, Tommy Hilfiger, Bvlgari, Columbia Records and more.


The idea came around when four women came together in 2018 and realized that a space for women to learn about unconventional ideas and celebrate in a free space was needed. Applauding Power was then born.


Brands x AP

Babe, Dame Products, Yansa Holistics, Femmy Cycle, Stripped Ego, Zavu, Essentia Water, ReWax & Unwine, and more.